Here's just a sample of the solar projects we've completed over the years.


383kW Commercial Ground Mount

Here is a great example of our vast knowledge and capabilities of solar and electrical installations. This 383kW Commercial/ Industrial System was installed as a fixed ground mount. A system this size would be able to produce enough energy to sustain 50 residential homes.



8.8kW Residential ROOF MOUNT

This 8.8kW System was installed on a 45 degree sloped roof that required extra care and safety measures. It came with two 5000W SMA inverters installed onto a wood siding wall. Over 8,000 watts of power from this system gave this homeowner the peace of mind for many years to come. 


5.5kW Residential Roof Mount - All Black Panels

This 5.5kW System was installed on a 28 degree sloped S-tile roof which required extreme care and expertise to protect the tile against harm as well as reducing the amount compromised. It is a fact that tile will be broken on these types of projects, but by limiting the amount gives us the ability to price these systems at such affordable rates.